About Daily Digest

For more than twenty-five years I have been reading the Bible through each year. After beginning with the “traditional approach” of reading from Genesis through Revelation, I was introduced to The One Year Bible. I found the daily interspersal of Old and New Testaments, Psalms and Proverbs similar to being in school, going from class to class. Before you got too bogged down in one book, you spent time in another, which I found quite refreshing.

A few years ago I was asked to mentor a high school student, and we agreed to read the One Year Bible (OYB) each day, take notes, then get together every-other Sunday to discuss what we read. Then I challenged my chapel group at the Chattanooga Police Department to do the same thing, asking questions and commenting on what we’d read at our weekly chapel sessions. Other expressed an interest in this approach, and the OYB Daily Digest is the outgrowth.

Some OYB readers told me they felt a “disconnect” with the OYB  approach, not seeing a relationship between the four readings. What I attempt to do is find a common thread in each day’s Scripture readings, weaving the four together with my comments. It is written fresh each day, and contains the thoughts God lays on my heart that day. While my goal is to be theologically correct in all respects, the “Digest” is not meant to be a theological analyses. Rather, it is a combination of scriptural knowledge, life experiences and tidbits I feel may be useful to the reader.

The “Digest” is not meant to replace or supplement daily readings of Scripture. It simply contains my thoughts and, hopefully, gives readers “something to think about!”

 Chaplain Grant Wolf


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